Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing
Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing


Floor Soundproofing

Soundproofing your floor starts with soundproof carpets

"I want to reduce the sounds that people can hear on floors below me."

"I want to decrease the sounds of footsteps and objects."

For soundproofing in such situations, we recommend one of our soundproof carpets.
By installing a soundproof carpet, you can reduce the sound that is transmitted to the floor.

Loudness Level 1Laying the soundproof carpet on its own

Examples of sounds:

  • Everyday sounds
  • The sounds of dropped items

For the everyday sounds of daily life, we recommend installing the soundproof carpet on its own.

Our most popular product is the soundproofing tile carpet called “SHIZUYUKA Light”.
The backing part of the SHIZUYUKA Light has a 3-tier structure and is characterized as having a heavier weight than regular carpets.

The SHIZUYUKA Light can be installed simply by placing it on the floor, so you can begin to soundproof your floor from the day that it arrives.
Since it can be cut to size using a box cutter, you will be able to cover all surfaces of your floor.

In addition, it is also possible to lay it only in the places that you need it.

*If you lay it down as is in a specific area, the carpet may shift. We therefore recommend that you use it with carpet tape.

Loudness Level 2Soundproof carpet + soundproof mat

In the event that you want to lessen sounds that are louder than typical everyday sounds, we recommend that you place a soundproof mat underneath the soundproof carpet.

Examples of sounds:

  • The sounds of key strikes on a piano
  • The sounds of children running
  • Etc.

In such cases, we recommend our Soft-Step Mat.
In addition to being used with a soundproof carpet, our Soft-Step Mat can be placed under regular carpets and rugs to play a supporting role in providing soundproofing.

Soundproofing Lower Floors

Our soundproof carpets are originally products that prevent sounds from being transmitted around you.
Therefore, although they provide some soundproofing effect, they are not intended for soundproofing from lower floors.

Soundproofing for Pets

“I want to reduce the sound of my dog running”

“I want to reduce the sound of my cat jumping down from high places”

For those who own pets, we recommend our soundproof tile carpet called “SHIZUYUKA Premium”.

SHIZUYUKA Premium is the more enhanced version of our SHIZUYUKA Light product.
The soundproofing effect is the same, but the nap on the surface of the fabric is cut so that your pet’s claws will not get caught.
In addition, the SHIZUYUKA Premium comes with an anti-odor function.