Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing
Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing

About Pialiving

In recent years, problems with noise have become major social problems in Japan. Everyday, noises contribute to the development of major incidents as well as mental disorders in the everyday lives of those around us.

It is no problem if a sound is comfortable for you, however hearing unpleasant sounds leads to stress and causes mental damage.

20 years ago, I was selling single pieces of soundproof carpet on the internet. During this time, a great number of people told me of their noise-related problems.

“I’m afraid of answering the door because of the loud noises coming from lower floors.”
"I can't sleep at night because of the noise coming from outside."

In Japan at that time, there were almost no products that provided easy soundproofing, so in order to soundproof, people had to carry out large-scale construction. However, the cost of construction is expensive, and moreover there also many houses where construction was difficult.

“For those who cannot undertake soundproofing construction, must they live with sound problems every day?” I desperately wondered if there was anything I could do for those who were troubled by sound.

"Right. If there are no soundproof products in the world, I will make them."
With this determination, we developed many soundproofing products that are easy to install, based on our customer feedback. We have created products that can be easily mounted on walls or placed on the floor, without the need of any construction.

“I’m really glad that Pialiving exists. Thank you.”
Having received a lot of gratitude from customers, I feel that this work is important, and I feel truly happy to be of help to so many people.

At Pialiving, our vision is to be an organization that enriches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people not only in Japan but all around the world.

From Japan to the world. We will endeavor to provide as many people as possible with spaces where they do not have to worry about sound.

Fusako Muromizu
Manager, Pialiving

Company Profile

Company Name
Pialiving Co., Ltd.
Store Name
Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing
Founded on December 12, 1993
Incorporated on October 23, 1995
Representative Director
Fusako Muromizu (2nd Class Construction Management Engineer)
Phone number
+81-92-432-7011 (For customer service)
Headquarters / Hakata Office
502-2nd Takada Building, 1-1-16 Hakata Eki Higashi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 812-0013
Tokyo Showroom
9F 901 Ochiaiazabudai-Bldg. 1-7-28 Roppongi,Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Warehouse / Factory
3-3-11 Midorigahama Shingu-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka 811-0119
Business Description
Interior goods / Carpet / Soundproofing construction / Fine veil system manufacturing (soundproofing construction) / Carpet / Floor manufacturing / OA floor and Ceiling light construction / Building materials sales / Order-made soundproof products / Pet supplies / Food and beverage business
Fukuoka Governor Permission (General-11)
Registration No. 93431
Wooden house seismic diagnosis skill
Registration Certificate
Registration No. 20028111203 (Fukuoka)
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Our products are sold by the Singaporean interior goods company "Wall.SG".