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Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing


Soundproofing Walls

1The Basics of Wall Soundproofing

When it comes to soundproofing walls, it is important to keep in mind “sound absorption” and “sound insulation”. First, “sound absorption” prevents sound from being reflected by absorbing it. On the other hand, “sound insulation” blocks sound by reflecting it back. Since each has different yet crucial properties, it is necessary to use both "sound absorption" and "sound insulation" when taking soundproofing measures.

2Preventing sound leakage to adjoining rooms

If you want to prevent sound from leaking to the next room, we recommend soundproofing the windows, doors, and also the walls.

Among the options for soundproofing your walls, our soundproofing panel called “ONE-TOUCH Soundproof Wall Panel” is effective. ONE-TOUCH Soundproof Wall Panel has a structure that, as we introduced earlier, uses sound absorption and sound insulation to sandwich the sound, giving it its characteristically high soundproof effect.

ONE-TOUCH Soundproof Wall Panel

By using this soundproofing board, which has sound insulation, sound absorption, and soundproofing all in one, you can easily take soundproofing measures.

For those who want effective soundproofing while keeping the price lower than the ONE-TOUCH Soundproof Wall Panel, we recommend a method that uses sound absorbing materials and a sound insulating sheet.

*Please see our YouTube for details on how to install the sound absorbing materials and sound insulating sheet.

3Preventing Sound Reverberations such as from Audio Equipment

If you want to reduce the reverberations in your room, we recommend installing the ONE-TOUCH Soundproof Wall Panel or using sound absorbing materials on the wall. In addition to the walls, carpeting the floor and installing thick curtains on the windows are also effective measures against echoes.