Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing
Pialiving Specialty Soundproofing

Noise Level

Examples: Strikes on a drum, rock band music, nearby thunder, underneath train tracks, etc.
Examples: Disco music, inside a karaoke room, noisy factory, etc.
Examples: Flushing of toilet, shouting, TV on loud, radio sounds, etc.
Examples: Alarm clock sounds, sound of running water in a stainless steel sink, sound of closing a wooden door, etc.
Examples: Sound of air conditioning unit, whispering, daytime in a residential area, etc.
Examples: clock ticking, breathing sounds, etc.
  • Piano sounds 85dB〜95dB
  • Radio sounds 80dB〜95dB
  • Karaoke 80dB〜95dB
  • Air compressor 80dB〜95dB
  • Music studio 95dB〜120dB

Two units that represent sound

This unit expresses the loudness of a sound.
The higher the number, the louder the sound.
The sound that is heard by a human's ear is called a dB.
A unit that expresses the pitch of a sound.
This represents the number of times a sound wave occurs per second.
The lower the number, the lower the sound.